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  1. Hello, it's a pleasure to e-meet you! I stumbled upon this community while researching for fellow enthusiasts working with drones in the agriculture sector and noticed that there are some forum discussions related to this topic. I am co-founder of AgroHelper and we recently released a web platform that converts drone captured images of farm fields into actionable crop health data. You can learn more here. To give you a bit of additional background: we are a team of 3 co-founders, enthusiasts based in Bulgaria, we don’t have any employees or funding. We all have day jobs and we work on our platform in our free time, essentially very early in the morning, after work and during the weekends. We want to build something really useful for pilots and farmers. To get the user experience right, we need feedback from people like you guys - the ones that spent time in the fields, know the feeling of planning a mission for an entire week and finally crashing before completing it or how hard it is to explain to farmers what's the benefit of using drones. Actually, last time I heard from a farmer with more than 10 000 ha of wheat, he said: "why should I invest in drones, I really like driving my truck around?" You can get a free lifetime account (no CC required). The sole limitation is: 3 data sets (maps) processed each calendar month for free. There're no other limits in terms of number of images, resolution, number of hectares, file sizes etc. So, if you fly above the fields we'll be very happy to hear your feedback! Cheers, Mihail