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  1. Hi all, I am new here and have not taken my 107 Cert. yet..so still taking the Practice Tests! Hi Alan.they are a big help so far! How are these for a CB clouds. ~~~Rick~~~
  2. Hi Isabella, Pleased to meet you! I am Boston born & raised & live in McKinney, TX. I wonder if there will be any classes/workshops in the DFW area anytime soon? i am a Professional Photographer & I have been studying under Alan Perlman for a few months now...and study as often as I can; I need to be more consistent tho, I must admit. I love the Practice Tests and copy and paste info as needed. Alan is a Great Teacher & follows up rather quickly and am impressed with that! I would love to teach someday afer I earn my Ch. 107 Certificate, since I have been a Consultant/Trainor in the past. How did you become a Coach? Did you study under Alan too? Just curious... Anyway, have a Great Day! ~~~Rick Barber~~~Owner/Photographer of #FinestFotos, LLC The attached CB Image turned out to be a fierce TS!