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    It's been almost two months since my SkyViewHD class, and first out of state mission. Let me say it's been a learning experience. Most of what I learned has been about the potential of this industry. We are the first to use consumer technology to solve industrial challenges. Fellow pilots, we are the ones saving lives by keeping linemen off 200 foot tall towers. And we are paying the price all pioneers pay. When I look back at my classmates, I saw those who dove in head first; driving cross country and roughing it for weeks. I also saw those who couldn't pass the final exam. But what I saw most is potential. No one is going to get rich inspecting towers with a drone. But I can say that anyone who is properly trained and supported can generate income. Let us as pilots and independent contractors demand that this industry provide support and training before the cell phone companies move the drone inspection in house and phase is out altogether. I can only speak for myself when I say that my SkyView HD experience was one of tremendous growth and personal sacrifice for an opportunity.