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  1. Thanks Av8Chuck. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area and would be interested in talking with you more. I will be in Denver on Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening, however, I will be at a training most of Thursday. I will do my best to stop by your booth on Wednesday when I arrive. Dave - I have looked into the Falcon 8 and am very interested, however, it is a big investment compared to all the drones I have used to date.
  2. Hi all, I have had great success using my Inspire 1 and Phantom 4 Pro on infrastructure inspection projects in the USA. However, I am getting increased pressure to use non-DJi products for some critical infrastructure work. I am not very familiar with non-DJi brands. I am looking for a user friendly product that has the capability of carrying a camera that captures at least 20MP still photos. If you have a favorite drone setup, whether it is stock or custom made, I would be very interested in hearing about it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks a lot. That is interesting that it changes throughout the day. The last concern I had for this area is the Selected Advisory nearby. I can avoid this area, but it would be nice to fly a small portion of it. It is a Special Use Airspace (Travis Airforce Base) to the NNE of my study area labeled with the following: Special Use Airspace A682 (TRAVIS AFB N, CA) I am not sure if this is a Warning or Restricted area. Which website do you use to view sectional charts? Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks Ed. It is Napa County Airport in California. The location is 4NM SE of the airport. Yes, I am Part 107 certified.
  5. Hi all, In the attachment you can see the blue polygon of my planned flight area (about 4NM from the airport). Skyward flight planning indicates that I am just outside of Class D airspace (Circle). I am just getting used to these LAANC grids and wanted to confirm that if I am outside of Class D airspace it is okay to fly without any FAA permission even though I am within the LAANC grid. Is this correct? Unfortunately Skyward is not offering on-demand authorization at this location as of today. Thanks! ClassD_LAANCGrid.pdf