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  1. Hi folks, I've not been on here in quite some time. Long story - I achieved my Part 107 'remote pilot small UAS' certificate back in April 2018, for a job that was supposed to be 'a sure thing' ; but that job evaporated. Without the impetus of needing the cert, I have not flown my personal 'learning drone' very much in at least the past year. However, a job I DO have is now interested in the fact I have a certification, even though it just expired the end of last month. They would like me to recertifiy - which I am thrilled to do! - and pilot the company drone (we are a civil engineering firm). But I know the regulations have been in a state of flux since my original certification. Can someone fill me in a bit on what has changed since then? I think the protocol is basically the same - take the test, get the certification; but has the knowledge base you are tested on significantly different? Does it make any difference hat my certifcation ~just~ expired, vs. is still in force? Thanks for any input or links to information.
  2. Hi, Mdblocker; we have a bit of a similar background (I have a GIS certificate, some remote sensing experience, and an MS in Soil & Water science). I'm not currently involved in research, but I'd somehow like to be, using drones and remote sensing, without going back to school for another degree! The part 107 isn't that tough; just study, I found paying for an online course to be worth my time in setting a curriculum to follow. You won't have a problem. Welcome here!
  3. L&L - Thank you for your perspective, and encouragement! You make some good points.
  4. Glad to see honest feedback and discourse, here... I'm a newbie just considering getting my feet wet as a 'provider', and this is really valuable stuff. It's all food for thought. Keep it coming!
  5. Welcome here, Rod; I am new here, as well. I'm sure you can find a drone powerful enough for what you seek, question is, will it be affordable! Have fun with whatever you are flying.
  6. @Spitfire - thank you for the welcome! Yes, the ag. industry IS indeed picking up more slowly than anticipated; I've noticed, but I'm still hopeful it will pick up. As for the bees - I knew about the drastically declining population, but not the use of drones to pollinate - fascinating. I'll have to look Dropcopter up - thanks for the info and link.
  7. New member here; greetings from AZ! I'm a new member and quite new to UAVs, though I have already earned my part 107 certification. I have a background in both techie stuff (building instruments and programming them) , and in environmental science working with satellite imagery. Given that background and my interests, I'm hopeful about working in precision agriculture with UAVs. Failing that, they are buckets of fun! And the photography applications intrigue me. I'll be looking for general advice and 'what's new' in the industry by being here. Thanks for having this forum! Darshana PS - by way of explanation, "It's a gift; it's like there's a moment in which the thing is ready to let you see it. In India, this is called darshan. Darshan means getting a view, and if the clouds blow away, as they did once for me, and you get a view of the Himalayas from the foothills, an Indian person would say, 'Ah, the Himalayas are giving you their darshana'; they're letting you have their view. " -- Gary Snyder