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  1. Hi All, We are looking to receive input and feedback from drone operators experiences with weather and its impact to their flight operations. The following link will take you to a 5 minute survey where your insights and experience can be shared to help better understand what is needed to improve the safety and operations of drones. We are working for the Research and Rapid Development Department within Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing, in a research project about data services for UAV operators. With your participation, you can help us develop and shape the services that enable the safe operation of UAVs in the global airspace! More tangible; you can win a 35 Euro Amazon gift card (10 in total, 1 per person) and you can receive access to the survey results. The survey will be officialy closed on May 18, 2018. Thank you very much for your time and participation! The Jeppesen UAV research team