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  1. Disregarding the potential violations I feel I must interject: Wow! That is some captivating footage!
  2. I use Filmora. It’s easier to learn than most of the other full-feature editing tools and it allows me to produce quality real estate videos quickly.
  3. In our area most of the professional real estate photographers have added a drone to their toolbox. The aerial photography is just a piece of the overall marketing puzzle. You’ll likely need to have additional cameras to get hired to shoot real estate, but if you can shoot and edit excellent aerial footage you can probably learn the traditional photographic skills.
  4. I spent hours online and then on the phone with DJI yesterday (5/4/2018) only to find out that the iPad Pro is not supported by the newest DJI GO 4 app. Most iPads are, just not the Pro. I still fly mine but it tells me that I need to update my firmware every time I start the app. It’s very unsettling but I have not experienced any problems. I am very cautious about where I fly when using my iPad Pro though.
  5. I live inPort Ludlow, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. I’d love to be involved. I have several examples of my work available for viewing on YouTube in case you’d like to see them: Contact me @