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  1. Bryan Diehl

    DJI GO 4 App Crashing on iPad Pro (iOS 11)

    I spent hours online and then on the phone with DJI yesterday (5/4/2018) only to find out that the iPad Pro is not supported by the newest DJI GO 4 app. Most iPads are, just not the Pro. I still fly mine but it tells me that I need to update my firmware every time I start the app. It’s very unsettling but I have not experienced any problems. I am very cautious about where I fly when using my iPad Pro though.
  2. Bryan Diehl

    Drone & Pilot for WEB TV Series

    I live inPort Ludlow, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. I’d love to be involved. I have several examples of my work available for viewing on YouTube in case you’d like to see them: Contact me @