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    Demand for drones in the construction industry

    Thanks for your response i assume you have your own company and equipment. Would you say it is possible for licensed drone pilots to find job, also part time, in the construction sector ? I was thinking to get the license but work by someone else, therefore avoiding the costs of buying the equipment and so on. thanks
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    Look! a new member!

    Thank you!
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    Look! a new member!

    Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself to the comunity: I'm Vincenzo, 26 years-old, student of construction management in London, UK. Drones technology is revolutionising our lifes and I am here to learn as much as I can about it, perhaps to put the knowledge will learn into good use and improve my future carrier. If anyone is expert in the field of drone employment in construction, I would be glad to hear their experiences and advices. All the bestfor now, Vince
  4. Hello everyone, Hope you are well Thanks for the guides and posts online, they have been very helpful. I’m reaching you out today to ask you a question: I’m studying in London, UK to become a construction manager and lately I have noticed the rising interest and uses of drones overall, but significantly also in construction. What would you reckon the demand for drones is overall currently ? Do you see construction as “the major sector for drones employment”? If otherwise, what other sector is predominted? I thank you all in advance for your time. Regards, Vince