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  1. Jitesh

    Electric jet

    then what should i do for making my own electric jet aerial vehicle? https://lilium.com/technology/
  2. Jitesh

    Electric jet

    Yes I want to replace motor propeller from electric jet. I don't know exactly about ducted fan. Are they useful to get enough thrust for fly with 100kg sprung mass and 100kg unsprung mass? Is this electric jet same as ducted fan? Because I'm talking about electric power jet and lilium jet.
  3. Jitesh

    Electric jet

    Hello everyone I want to make a dron by using electric jet propulsion. How I can make an electric jet of 20kg trust?
  4. Jitesh


    Hi I'm from india. I really want to make it. Reality is, I want to build a hover with the principal of quadcopter or it can be octocopter. If it is quadcopter then each blade have to produce 25 kg down force or if it octocopter then it have to produce 12.5 kg by each blade and motor set. I need the RPM and dimensions of every set of motor and blade to lift the octocopter or quadcopter?
  5. Jitesh


    What will be the RPM of a quadcopter motor and size of each blade to lift a quadcopter of 100 kilograms?