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  1. Thanks very much for your help Ed, my waiver was approved today! I’m sure if not for your experience and guidance, I would not have been successful on my first try. Thanks again
  2. Well I applied for an authorization for a small area and asked for an altitude far below the grid number. I’m thinking that if it doesn’t get approved it would be for reasons other than altitude. The only thing I thought of afterwards was I could have added that I would monitor ATC while flying however my guess is that most requests don’t include that capability unless they are in a more sensitive area. So, time will tell. I appreciate the advice from all the experienced pilots, it’s been very helpful.
  3. It says to consider using the LAANC system instead. I would much prefer using that but it's not available for KAPF. I'll try for the shorter authorization since that should get a response faster, if I get that then I'll submit for a waiver. Also looking at the waivers granted, there has been nothing posted for 107.41 in 2018, I don't understand that.
  4. Based on your advise, I've revised my planned request. Here is the map, I took 200 and 300 and plan to ask for 150. APF Grid Waiver 1.pdf
  5. Well, yes, I was hopping for one blanket waiver considering if it were included in the LAANC system it would be essentially be pre determined for manual approval at altitudes much higher than I was asking for. I will scale this way back and ask for just a small section and see how that goes, then re apply for other areas based on my priority. I'll redo that map and post later. Thanks again for your great advice
  6. That great, thanks! So what I did was to take the KAPF facility map grid and color coded it as I've seen in approved waivers. I put all 0 grids as NFZ, 100, 150 = 75' 200 = 150' 300, 400 =200' Do you think that is okay or is that too many zones? APF Grid Waiver.pdf
  7. My local class D airport (APF) is not currently included in the LAANC system, Airmap shows it as "automated authorization coming soon". I would like to request for a blanket waiver to fly below the altitudes defined on the LAANC grid map. I think that is probably too general and may not be acceptable but I thought it would be the most accurate, concise and direct way of wording the request. Do you think this has any chance, is there a more acceptable way rather than making it lengthy and word filled? I understand that a waiver is more difficult to get than an approval so I thou
  8. I called early this morning and finally got a live person at the PSI number. Maybe that's the trick, their hours M-F start at 4:30 PST so those of us on the East coast can use that to an advantage. I never received a call back from the messages I left.
  9. That’s the phone number I’ve been calling. I listen to their hold music for about 12 minuets and then have no choice but to leave my contact info for a call back within 24 hours. Since it’s been days since I first tried to contact them, I must assume their system is not working. I didn’t see a way to register on line which would be helpful for us and them. Tomorrow I’ll try to call the testing center and see what they say.
  10. I've been trying for several days now to register with PSI to take my recurrent exam. I've called waited on hold and left my contact info then nothing. They claim they will return your call within 24 hours, I don't know if there is actually that much volume or if their system is not working properly. Anyone else? Rich
  11. Greetings! I'm in Naples, what part of Florida are you in?