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  1. Get a DJI Spark. The Quick Shot features are awesome. A selfie with a drone is called a dronie by the way. I know it records to a SD card; but, you can download to your smartphone as well. I like to keep two recordings should I have an issue with the SD card or phone after downloading. Also, it has palm launch. I only buy DJI products; so, #BuyDJI .. thanks! I'm not a paid sponsor of DJI; but, they are welcome to send me free products for testing purposes of course. Get the Tello as it is also a DJI product and cost is minimal as far as how drones go.
  2. Hello Vince, I actually do quite a bit of archival for construction projects. I use time lapse fixed cameras in addition to bi-weekly drone visits to the site. I edit the combination of videos each week and share with the construction company. I do a final video of time lapse and various stages of drone videos during construction. My clients have shared the progress of projects on their website and social media. In return, my list of clients have steadily increased each month. I actually prefer construction over real estate as you get to watch the progress of something being built. So, long an