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  1. Same as @Luke, I got same response a week later with email
  2. I know #1 as I just checked. Log back in after a couple weeks and your # will be there. I have the same question for #3. Just registered my Typhoon H+ on the commercial side and wondering about moving my others. #4 - no you don’t need your license # to register. Have fun!
  3. Pulled the trigger and ordered a Yuneek Typhoon H+ with Intelisense. I went with this one because of a lot of stuff I’ve read here - not particularly specific to this model. Really a bit concerned about any one vendor having 70+% of the market. Competition is needed to really advance. 4 vs 6 motors, with the ability to live if I lose one. Camera specs solid (I almost went with the Typhoon H, but decided I wanted latest tech really). I also wanted to learn to fly outside the DJI box. Now to receive it (about a week), study the manuals, practice, practice, practice. No crashing allowed. One more step in the addiction...
  4. Welcome Frank! Alan is too modest. Go for Drone Pilot Ground School. The test itself wasn’t that difficult (and the pass rate is very high), so anything can prep you to pass. DPGS will fully prepare you. I chose DPGS because I thought it was well put together and comprehensive beyond the basics to pass a test. Upon completing the course, and passing the test easily, I really believe in DPGS. It covered so much more than I merely needed to know. The format - video, transcription, printable notes - helped all my personalities types learn the material. I gained a lot of appreciation for the many nuances to be a safe pilot. I’m no drone pro, just learning a lot and enjoying it. May do a bit commercially at some point. But between the school and this forum - you’ve found a good spot. Best of luck!
  5. Received my temporary permit! Another step done. ?
  6. If there is an existing NOTAM over the area I routinely fly, are notifications still required? For example, on SkyVector I see the NOTAM attached and normally would contact Rockwall Airport, but seems redundant. Not that I expect the government to be effficient, but...
  7. Welcome! My starter is a DJI Spark, and recommend it. FPV isn’t one of my concerns though, so not sure about that (and have to maintain Visual Line of Sight - VLOS anyway). I recently read about Epson’s glasses and they look cool (but $$$$). At Costco last week I saw a package deal with DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI googles at a decent price. That’s a great one, but a bit more investment. Spark has me hooked on flying and has a lot more features than I really expected. Controls are similar, so helps with learning. I run 4 batteries, so I can get more air time. This is good forum for info. Enjoy and welcome to the addiction.
  8. Addison American Flyers South was great. Passed with a 95%! One and done, so thanks Alan and Drone Pilot Ground School! Felt like a lot of sectional map - what’s required to fly here questions. Also several CG related questions (somewhat obscure really). Weather parts were very easy. I don’t recall any lat/lon questions.
  9. Never heard back from Mesquite Aviation. Tried Terrell Aviation. No reply. Finally connected with Addison’s American Flyers South, and the guy was very helpful. Semi quick call to PSI (10 minutes on hold, but very efficient once I talked with them). Booked to test Saturday morning. Gotta do a bit of cramming and review my notes, but ready to pass!
  10. So I guess I can fly at night ?