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  1. TopXGun Robotics is a specialized manufacturer for flight controller. We aimed at providing precision, stable and reliable controller for industrial and agriculture applications. With TopXGun inside, you'll enjoy the wisdom of flying. Our hot sale agriculture controller T1-A is the first professional ag controller launched in China. Other drone companies imitated us and launched similar controller later as they saw our popularity in the market. AB point, break point record and continue to fly, regional plan, flight point plan and one click go home. These function make the pesticide spr
  2. Great, glad to contact with you again. I didn't get your reply since I sent you the specification for AVIO drones. Are you still interested in them? We also produce RTK, so we have opportunities to cooperate in many aspects.
  3. Hi there, I'm Cloud from TopXGun Robotics in China. We're a professional flight controller and drone accessories manufacturer. Our products are aimed at providing high precision solutions for intustiral drone flight. Our website is Our goup company has recently develped two types of pesticide sprayer drones AVIO 10 and AVIO 20. Now I work as a sales engineer. Come here to make friends with industrial drone people and learn knowledge here. Contact me Best Regards!
  4. Hello Marrios. Do your know about Marrios Dimitramike? Are you the same person? He's aslo from your company. He contact me for our new sprayer drones. We're a Chinese manufacturer for sprayer drones, flight controller and accessories. We also produce RTK, ceter meter level drone flight solutions. Our website is
  5. AVIO 10Quick plug-able 10L tank and battery.Quadcopter with foldable arm.Carbon fiber plus Aluminum frame, high strength and low weightNozzle right below the motor. Effectively use the downforce of the propeller so the pesticide can penetrate the crops thoroughly and evenly. Contact me for more info