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  1. I've continued to test out different UAVs and found that I'm just not using my Skydio2 so it's time to find it a new home. It's been flown less than 5 flights and in perfect condition. Just took a quick look and they seem to still be hard to get from Skydio (having to reserve from a future batch - I know mine took months to get initially) Skydio2 UAV 3 batteries 2 spare props Custom fit hard-shell case (holds the Skydio and 2 batteries nicely with a shoulder strap) Dual battery charger Skydio beacon Joystick controller New this runs about $1625 (p
  2. I have a P3pro as my workhorse for local flying/video capture and picked up the Mavic Air initially to be my travel UAV (sold my Mavic Pro to change to it — wanted something smaller). I really enjoy the Air platform. It’s just a joy to fly, especially being able to have it with me everywhere. I’ve started using it more closer to home as well as it’s just less of a hassle to get the in air. It’s definitely a shorter battery life than the P3P (typical safe zone of 15+ minutes depending on wind) but with enough spares I can’t say that has bothered me. Overall a very solid choice if portability i
  3. Totally missed that DJI store when I was there for a brief trip, thanks for the heads up. I was thrilled to get a couple flights in (the Mavic Pro traveled well). The diversity of the landscapes gives so many different environments to experience.
  4. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the Mavic Pro. I have a buyer lined up but will post if anything changes.
  5. Thanks Luke. I hope you’re enjoying the Typhoon.
  6. As my UAV collection expands I’ve decided to part ways with my Mavic Pro. It's in great condition and has been flown less than 50 flights (and never any hard landings or crashes). I initially purchased it as my travel flyer and it has worked great for that. You’ll see a variety of case options below (I ended up alternating between the soft sided case and the smaller hard sided cases if I was carry-on space challenged for a trip). Mavic Pro & controller 5 total intelligent flight batteries - the batteries have writing on them to number them (1-5) 6 extra quick releas