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  1. I PASSED😁 I was only looking to pass with a 70, and I ended up with a 85%. It was harder than I thought it would be! FAA likes to play with words. Thank you for your support. John
  2. I taking the test tomorrow morning. I'll let you know.😁
  3. Thanks Chuck, My average percentage on my practice test has been 94%. So I'm thinking I'm ready.
  4. Been reviewing the Part 107 testing through the Drone Pilot Ground School off and on for the last 2 years. I finally have a test date this Friday 20 Nov. 0900. Wish me Luck. John
  5. Wishing you luck Sean. Please let me know how you did. thanks John
  6. OK, slow start. Just completed the first lesson, 1 hr out of the 20 hrs needed to pass.?
  7. Hello Drone Pilots, Just joined the forum and sign up to study for my Part 107 with Drone Pilot Ground School. Looking forward to start studying. Been using my DJI Spark as my learning platform. John