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  1. Have you tried to contact some of your local law enforcement agencies to see if they use drones?
  2. Blade Chroma 1080P ST10+ ( BLH8665 ) controller with extra battery, prop Guards, extra set of blades,two SD cards, Marco Polo Monitoring, tacking, recovery system. about 3hrs on it. can be viewed on Craig's list.
  3. I am selling my Blade Chroma 1080P with the ST-10+ ( BLH8665). With Prop Guards, extra controller battery The Marco Polo monitoring,tracking,recover system two SD cards,extra props. it has about 3 HRS on it. It was purchased in Dec. 2015. It can be viewed on Craig's List.
  4. Welcome, I use to use an Ares Ethos FPV. It was difficult to handle in 5-7 knot winds. So I searched the web for good weather sites. I use wunderground, accuweather, I purchased an anemometer, and a compass. I use wunderground the most, it gives me the current wind speed of the location I want to fly, if that location is to high, I will search other places, trying to find the spot that is blocked by the wind. If the wind is too high, safety first, I won't fly.
  5. I was flying my Chroma last month, decided to try the RTH, was going good, when suddenly it took a hard left, and crashed. bent the two left props, knocked the camera off. sent it to Horizon Hobby. Got ti back, put it on the GUI, and the camera had a vibration in it, sent it back, they replaced the camera again, and replaced the GPS antenna, Got it back the other day, put it on the GUI, motor #3 has a grinding noise. I recorded it, and e-mailed Horizon Hobby the video. Haven't heard from them yet. Question. What is a good quad copter?
  6. First of all, the FAA can’t make laws – only develop guidelines and regulations. The federal government has no authority whatsoever to regulate the operation of remote-controlled model aircraft. I found this on Pro Video coalition.
  7. I heard from Horizon Hobby the other day, they say " The chroma can come with two different receivers, one for the ST-10 radio and one for the Spektrum radios. So depending on which radio you have that is the plug for the other receiver".
  8. When I go off to capture a sunset or sunrise I use these two sites. and
  9. I took the cover off to inspect the boards, and found this wire just hanging there. anyone familiar with this?