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  1. Hi Spitfire76 Thanks for the response I am not the guy that sent out the post a couple of years ago. However you are right the company apellix that Allan referred looks to still be in business. Your right too inyour observation that apellix is commercial and currently we are more residential. It’s our intention to branch into commercial cleaning as the opportunities present themselves. We are learning a lot right now working on residential homes and plan to advertise to commercial buildings in the next six months. I look forward to hearing from anyone that has started th
  2. Is there anyone out there cleaning roofs with drones yet? We just started a business of soft washing roofs and elevated surfaces with a drone and I am wondering if anyone else is doing the same? Here is our website. HyDroneClean.com I would be happy to share thoughts and ideas with anyone... We use a custom DJI drone model Lavado and a spray bar that is tethered to our truck with detergents. Thanks Tony