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  1. L &L Drone Views, Great thread! I agree completely since I am old school. Has worked and still works. Thanks for the ideas and taking the time to write. I appreciate it! Jim
  2. Scanner out, not in. I left it under my coat on the cart. There was mayhem at the time with others and they were all paying attention to other issues.
  3. Werner, No problems coming in or out. They didn't even see it. I had all the docs. Leaving, through all scanners, no questions asked. I have heard of others with problems though. I flew a lot around Punta Hermosa. Got great photos and video of La Isla, surfing, POI, etc. Did not take it this time (here again) in case of trouble. Need back home for work coming up. Let me know how it all goes.
  4. Warner, I have all the documentation you suggested and am arriving tomorrow night if all goes well. Send me an email, maybe we can meet:jimb55@me.com. Would love to go to where you guys fly. Regards, Jim Broersma Airborne UAV Solutions
  5. Yes on obstacle avoidance for sure! Second (may already be out there, but I haven't stumbled across it yet) is an easy way to pre program a flight route with the software like I use on my ipad to fly. Being able to insert speed and altitude constraints. And thirdly, an inexpensive TCAS system which would really assist with see and avoid rules that exist in all the airspace that we fly into.
  6. Werner, welcome! I am often in Peru. Coming next time in later February. I really want to take my DJI along. Can you give me guidelines as to what to expect with customs? Also, I would love to meet up with you. I'll be at my home in Punta Hermosa most of the time. I hope we can connect! Regards, Jim Broersma
  7. Alan, Thanks for the input. I am working on all of what you asked as questions. I hope to have the answers by approx April 1 when my 333 should arrive. By that time, I will have many more flight hours in UAV's and be ready. So, yes, I hope others will give their input not just for me but to help us all in the community.
  8. Hello and welcome from West Michigan. I have a company name, Airborne UAV Solutions, applied for the 333, received docket number, working on website, have logo pretty much down. Looking for guidelines on what to charge. My interests are agriculture, DNR, videography, inspections, training. I'd like to see if we can start a thread with assistance in the pricing arena, guidlines, websites, etc. Happy flying to all!! Jim