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  1. @Av8Chuck , I'm currently in San Antonio. Small world, I flew UH-60's at Fort Hood with 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Btn. I agree, it's a totally different world but still one I greatly enjoy. I can see a world of advantages for sUAS versus traditional manned systems, but there is no replacing a manned helicopter in many situations. I'm glad I found this forum and am looking forward to getting to know y'all.
  2. Hi fellow pilots, I'm excited to get started with this community and get to know y'all. If the previous sentence didn't clue ya in too much, I'm from and am currently living in Texas. I flew Army helicopters for just shy of a decade and got into drone piloting because I love gadgets and technology and am embracing the chance to stay in the air while simultaneously relaxing on the ground. I got certified because I want more opportunities to fly and want to see my contributions within the drone community benefit as many walks of life as I can reach. I don't know a lot about the professional