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  1. @Air One and Alan, Thank you both for your comments. I will incorporate your comments into my agenda/checklist and abide by them.
  2. Hello Drone Business Enthusiasts, I'm a newbie here but, in light of the great comments above, I think I have the order correct below for starting out in this fledgling industry with the intention of creating a good-sized commercial drone services company. If not, please modify it. There's no pride of authorship involved here. I would love everyone's feedback so that I don't make any fatal errors. Here's the proposed strategy: 1.] Acquire domain name with the intention of chartering a corporation or LLC under that name 2.] Trademark the name acquired as the domain name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 3.] Incorporate/Charter your company as a “C” corporation or LLC with the name selected above and determine who is to be horizontal mgmt (biz ops) and who is to be vertical mgmt (pilots, videography and maintenance personnel) 4.] File Section333 Exemption Petition with the FAA, assemble document attachments that go with it, and petition simultaneously for Operator’s Certificates/ N-number registrations and COA’s for aircraft you intend to fly initially 5.] Join UAV Coach Online Drone Training 6.] Join Academy of Model Aeronautics 7.] Enroll in Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course with King Schools (online), San Diego, CA to meet the likely FAA regulations to legally operate drones for commercial purposes 8.] Orchestrate and create business plan including determination of aircraft to be employed 9.] While awaiting FAA Sec333 Exemption Grant (and trademark approval which is also a six month process), begin merchandising your company services to be provided to the business community including creation of your website, laying out your SEO strategy, building your Facebook page and other social and print media networking strategies as well as your email marketing strategy, creating your YouTube channel promotional video pieces, offering free B2B trial services and engaging in old-fashioned business community networking 10.] Have an attorney design your customer contract forms as interactive templates 11.] Determine and acquire your liability and casualty insurance coverages 12.] Retain SKYWARD cloud-based professional regulatory services and Drone business operations software (you’ll definitely need this with multiple large business accounts, pilots and aircraft) When all this is completed, you should be ready to go...and make some money! Best wishes to all!