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  1. I would also like to eventually design a drone for the sole purpose of arming it with all kinds of goodies like teargass and traquilizer darts, for security personel who get in the line of fire and die more often than would be necessary if they had propper drone skills and training. A perfect practical solution to a crime problem that is currently an epidemic in S.A. JvZ?
  2. Hello Luke Im doing a 50 mm ducted fan to experiment with thrust vs weight ratio and running it on lipo cells before going over to the more expensive big boy toys. The 50 mm is just a little under 2 m total wingspan. If it runs well I will up the size and keep you guys up to date with the progress, so ?.
  3. Hello to all within the community. My name is Janus van Zyl, I am a 36 year old male, complete drone fanatic, from South Africa and I am currently in the process of doing my ppl exams, in order to have a greater knowledge of flying theory, with the intent to design, expand the implementation of and fly UAV’s commercially. I am actually currently busy with the construction of one of my designs, which if it performs the way that I planned, will be implemented as a fire fighting spotter drone that guides the bomber pilots to safely dump their water payloads. It will implement 4 powerfull 70