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  1. LOL! Must have missed him. Thanks for the welcome! Flown about 5 flights so far and some of the old muscle reflexes are returning on the transmitter. I was in an RC club as President and flight instructor in the 1980's (almost Orville and Wilbur's time) and loved it. Moved to model trains but have been wanting to get back outdoors and flying. Lucky for me the school practice field by my house is pretty clear of airports and will provide a place to fly. Hadn't thought about checking the roof on the RV, but it would be easier than climbing on top of the 13' 3" beast to look myself. Just found that the Hubsan H501SS has orbit and circle, which is very cool. Will try them out this afternoon if the wind doesn't get any stronger.
  2. I had been looking at drones for a while as a method of taking more interesting photos as wife and I travel in our RV. Did not want to spend a lot, but did a lot of research and got the Hubsan X4 H501S-S last week. Have watched videos on laws, tips for setting it up and charging batteries. Hope to take maiden flight Saturday. Flew RC airplanes for many years, but that a long time ago; flew its Orville and Wilber I think. Have always taken scenery photos and hope this will add a new dimension. Thanks for letting me join.