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  1. First of all, Nathan Cool rocks! Buy his books and watch his videos. I use his flambient method for my interior stills, bit of a learning curve. Same experiences for me as for others, realtors do like having someone who does it all. I use Dropbox to send to realtors or their office managers. Our local MLS limits photos to 5mb and every MLS is different. I do a 5mb and full rez version of each photo. No branding on videos I think is a MLS universal rule. Adobe’s Photography Plan (Lightroom+Photoshop) is all you need for (stills) post, starts at $10/mo. Good luck!
  2. Thank you so much. I know that starting out I would not be able to support myself. I will check out the thread!
  3. Hi, After Drone Pilot Ground School graduation & certification, I started a year ago with just my Mavic Pro and encouragement from a realtor friend. I enjoy photography so much that I quickly added interior stills and video to my business, but the aerials are what bring the clients. Fortunately for me, I’m older and retired and don’t have to support myself with this work. So I bought a Phantom 4 Pro last June and now have a Mavic 2 Pro for backup and for travel. I love the creative part of this work (post production!) and have gotten my clients all by word of mouth. It only takes a few, so create a portfolio and go for it!