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  1. Yes, they did. Finally they won't be working with us. Not because they didn't like it but because they consider that their crops are too short-lived (100 days) for the technology to be useful for them at this moment... we will have to wait ? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your response. Fortunately we managed to give a good response. Thank god we have agricultural knowledge but did not on the commercial part regarding drones+agriculture and how to convince someone our product is good with a 30 minutes visit. We had to give general suggestions regarding non-uniformity and its probable relation to irrigation differences among sectors. Let's wait for his response. We finally managed to contact two technicians with deep knowledge on crops and watermelon so our response cannot be bad. Cheers
  3. Hi, folks, We are trying to make a new client. This is a watermelon crop and we have got NDVI images from a small portion of terrain. The greener portion in the middle is due to weed and the client asks "convince me, from that photo what would you recommend for our crop?" Any hints? I know it would be a bit crazy to give advice on a crop we have just visited 30 minutes from aerial images. So his question may be well a trap. In such a situation we don't really know if it is really a trap or if he is trying to know what would we do next once we have this image. What would you do? Than