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  1. My vote as a both a teacher and life-long learner online, is to use a sharp intro, then fade it way down or to zero. Then , nearing the end, bring it back up, signaling that "The End Is Nigh!" THanks for listening and for asking !
  2. I will add that I'm based about 5 miles N of Clemson University, upper northwest SC, USA. If you're nearby and into commercial surveys, digital mapping, etc in any niche, please say "HI !" ErnieB
  3. Glad to have found this group and . We are a startup in the wireless tower commercial maintenance, installations, upgrades etc. I am particularly interested in commercial aspects of drone usage. I am working on my FAA license now. Planning to purchase a PRO rig with 4K cam. If you have any ratings on rigs, recommendations, or positive opinions that you think would help me, let me know. THANKS !