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  1. Hi @Dmitry Efremov I've embedded the video above for easier viewing. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Photos of a new drone from DJI have leaked online, and many are speculating that it's a Mavic Mini. The images depict a very small drone with dimensions of about 17 cm (L) x 12.5 cm (W) and a similar body to other Mavic series drones. Some of the features we expect to see on the Mavic Mini include foldable design, 12 mp camera, and a 3-axis gimbal. See the pics on our news page: DJI Launches Osmo Mobile 3, Rumors Say Next Launch will be Mavic Mini Drone. Do you think DJI will release the Mavic Mini before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below.
  3. DRONERESPONDERS, a non-profit organization that supports drone use in public safety, is hosting a two-day summit for public safety professionals. The DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Summit will offer a robust discussion forum to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing first responders operating drones. The summit will take place at the 2019 Commercial UAV Expo Americas from October 28-30 at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Summit will combine traditional panel presentations with a full-day Public Safety/Law Enforcement Workshop for officials to address key issues facing drone operators and UAS program leaders across the public safety sector. Learn more about registration, costs, and agenda here: Public Safety Summit to Unite Police, Fire, and Emergency Services Drone Operators at Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 Let us know if you plan to attend in the comments below, or share what kinds of topics you would want to learn about if you were able to attend.
  4. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is one of our favorite drones on the market. Since its launch last August, the Mavic 2 Pro has become the most popular consumer drone. With hard-to-beat camera specs and long-lasting battery life, it checks most of the boxes on a pilot's wish list. The drone comes with a pretty significant price tag, retailing at $1,499. Check out our review of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. We've partnered with DJI to offer an exclusive discount on the Mavic 2 Pro, making it more affordable. We're giving away codes for 20% off the Mavic 2 Pro to five members of our community. To claim them, simply comment on this post what you'd do with a Mavic 2 Pro. The first five members to comment will be emailed the 20% off coupon code and link to purchase. The codes will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Hi Rick, To fly in the USA, you'll need to follow the guidelines we outline on this page: At the minimum, you will have to register your drone through FAADroneZone. If you plan to fly commercially, you will also need a certification. The Canadian license will not carry over to the USA. Hope this helps!
  6. Agricultural growers are striving to find alternatives to crop management that will allow them to protect their plants without harming the people who will eventually eat them. Chemical pesticides can be toxic for both people and the environment, so companies are taking action with the help of drones. One company to do so recently is UAV-IQ, a veteran-owned agriculture technology company specializing in developing drone applications for farm management. UAV-IQ has developed a new form of pest management that uses drones to release beneficial insects over crops. Learn more about UAV-IQ's work in our article, How Drones Are Reducing the Use of Chemical Pesticides, and share your thoughts in the comments below.
  7. Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners have been contacted by email. Make sure to check back for future giveaways!
  8. The FAA has officially released their updated B4UFLY app in partnership with Kittyhawk. Learn more: FAA Redesigns B4UFLY App After Updating Requirement for Hobbyists to Use LAANC Let us know what you think of the redesigned B4UFLY app in the comments below.
  9. Hi @Ben Pazdernik, If you register your drone with Transport Canada and are conducting basic operations for recreational purposes, you should be able to fly. You can learn more over on our Canada Drone Laws page. That's interesting about not being able to take the Basic Operations test that they require though. Let us know how it goes when you hear back. I'm curious and would love to know what next steps they direct you to. -Isabella
  10. That would be illegal, not only violating privacy laws, but the law you cited as well. Your best option would be to contact law enforcement if you believe there is something that needs to be inspected at the property. Our Florida Drone Laws Guide can be found here:
  11. @Mvignery, Pictures would be helpful if you can add those here! What email should those interested contact you at? Has the unit sold yet? Thanks!
  12. More on DJI's new FPV system: DJI’s New FPV System Offers a Next Level Drone Racing Experience
  13. Autel Robotics, manufacturer of the popular EVO camera drone, has just launched a first-of-its-kind trade-in program. Most companies with trade-in programs only accept models from their own brand, but Autel’s program is an industry first in that it allows you to exchange or upgrade equipment between brands. You can trade-in your old DJI, Parrot, Yuneec, or Autel drone for credit toward a new Autel EVO. Learn more about Autel's new trade-in program, and few reasons why you may want to make the switch to an EVO, in today's article: Autel’s New Trade-In Program Will Give You Credit for Your Old Drone, Even if it’s From Another Manufacturer In the comments below, let us know if you'd use Autel's new trade-in program to get your hands on a new EVO. Or, if you already fly an EVO, we'd like to know what you love, like, or dislike about it.