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  1. Reforestation, a $62 billion industry, is one of the best ways to combat and recover from climate-change induced disasters, such as some wildfires. However, reforestation techniques have not changed in 100 years: trees are still planted by work crews with shovels—a slow, expensive, and grueling process in which recruiting labor is a challenge. However, DroneSeed is working to change that with semi-automated reforestation made possible with UAVs. DroneSeed recently announced the first-ever approval by the FAA to operate heavy-lift drone swarms weighing greater than 55 pounds. The drones will be used to accelerate reforestation by planting and protecting trees. Read the article here. Make sure to share your thoughts on DroneSeed’s exciting work with drones in agriculture and reforestation in the comments below.
  2. The NYPD, the largest municipal police department in the U.S. recently unveiled their new UAS/Drone Program. The Department has acquired 14 new drones and brought on licensed NYPD officers to operate them as part of the program. Fittingly, the drones will be operated by the Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU). Learn more on our blog: We want to hear your thoughts on drones, public safety, and emergency services. Share your thoughts in the comments.
  3. Isabella | UAV Coach

    Select Force1 Drones on Sale Through 12/19

    We got a first look at the new drone deals from Force1 going live today at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Here's what you can expect: Force1 is offering their lowest prices EVER on the U45WF, U49WF and F100GP. You can shop the sale starting at 8:00 PM EST tonight, just in time for the holidays, at
  4. Isabella | UAV Coach

    Buzzy the Drone: What do you think?

    In anticipation of many new (and likely very young) drone operators entering the airspace with gifted drones after the holidays, the FAA has launched a new campaign, "Buzzy the Drone." In a press release, the FAA stated that too often they "hear sad stories about what happens when inexperienced flyers take their drone out for its first flight." Buzzy uses simple but effective rhymes to convey important safety tips, such as: “When Buzzy Goes Out for a Flight, the Number One Rule Is Keep Buzzy in Sight.” Do you think Buzzy is a fitting representation of the drone industry? Sally the Drone Girl shared a few different opinions in her recent article, "Buzzy the Drone is FAA's New Mascot: Love it or Hate it?" Personally, I think encouraging safety among young flyers is a good cause, but Buzzy falls a little bit short. The cartoon character Buzzy seems appropriate only for the very young operator. This would not appeal to the teen, young adult, or matured drone operator. Perhaps adults will find Buzzy a helpful tool for teaching their young child some safety principles. However, I question why the FAA chose this youthful campaign—is the 12-years-and-under group, likely flying very small and light drones under adult supervision, the most important audience for the FAA to target with safety reminders? What do you think of Buzzy? Sound off in the comments.
  5. Hi, We want to let you know about a free online training webinar we have coming up: "How to Ace the FAA’s Part 107 Exam and Become a Certified Drone Pilot." Over the last year, we’ve helped over 14,000 people ace their FAA exam and get their business or organization up and running with drones. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts that the drone industry will create more than 100,000 jobs by 2025. Breaking into a new and fast-paced industry might feel intimidating, particularly if you don’t have a background in aviation, but it’s easier to get started than you might think. During this webinar, you’ll be exposed to: Everything you need to become an FAA-certified commercial drone pilot The best study resources to prepare for the Part 107/Aeronautical Knowledge Test Case studies of beginner pilots making money in the drone industry The top industries to find a job and make money flying a drone Guidance on how to navigate federal and state drone laws Register Now to Claim Your Seat in Our Free Online Training Webinar
  6. Isabella | UAV Coach


    Hi @Davidata Udoh, Nice to meet you. Is there any particular type of mapping/surveying software you're interested? Have you flown a drone before, or are you just starting out? You might find some more folks with experience in your field on the GIS/Land Surveying/Mapping section of the forum. We have an article on Pix4D, a popular mapping software, that you might find interesting as well. Best, Isabella
  7. Isabella | UAV Coach


    Hi @caupwhiting, You can find the DJI Phantom 1 manual on the DJI website here: Scroll down to downloads and you should see a right-hand column that says 'Manuals.' "Software" you might need is the DJI Go 4 app. You can download that here: Hope this helps. Good luck! Best, Isabella
  8. Isabella | UAV Coach

    Curious about drones in Denver

    Hi @AprilRamone, You might find our Drone Laws in Colorado to be a helpful resource as well: Welcome to the community forum. I'm sure you will find this to be a great place to post questions as you go through the process of adding drones to your business.
  9. Isabella | UAV Coach

    What kind of drone is best for beginners?

    Hi @Eva Wei There are a handful of good drone recommendations for beginners in our "Cheap drones for beginners" guide here:
  10. Delivery drones are required to make precision landings based on GPS, IR, or RTK-GPS, which can be unreliable in certain locations. There are other obstacles to drone deliveries too. Restrictions on flying over people or beyond the visual line of sight hinder companies from delivering across far distances or to locations that require passing over people. Then, if a drone does successfully make a delivery, there’s concern that items delivered by drone will be targeted for theft. Together, these issues are known as the “last mile problem.” Drone Delivery Systems and FlytBase are working together to offer a solution to the “last mile” and security issue of drone deliveries. The companies have just announced a partnership for the development of a precision landing kit, compatible with any delivery drone, to allow for secure and precise drone delivery to AirBox Home—the world’s first smart drone delivery mailbox. With secure and precise landing, operations can be scaled with diminished thefts or damages. Learn more in our blog post, "Drone Delivery Systems and FlytBase Partner To Develop Smart Mailbox and Precision Landing Kit for Drone Deliveries." Share your thoughts on the future of drone deliveries in the U.S. or reflections on the technology from FlytBase and AirBox in the comments below.
  11. Isabella | UAV Coach

    $99 Tello Drone

    The Tello will be on sale for $79 as part of DJI's Black Friday sale until Tuesday, Nov. 27. You can shop for the Tello here.
  12. Isabella | UAV Coach

    DJI Releases Mavic 2 Enterprise

    DJI seems to be marketing it as a catch-all, general purpose drone for professionals. In a press release, they describe it as being "designed for businesses, governments, educators and other professionals." Nothing too specific there. However, they may also be hoping that this drone will offer more secure features to appeal to government, security, and public safety professionals in particular. The GPS timestamping and Local Data Mode feature which, when activated, will stop the user’s connected mobile device from sending or receiving any data over the internet seem designed with operators of flights involving critical infrastructure, governmental projects, or other sensitive missions in mind.
  13. Isabella | UAV Coach

    DJI Black Friday Sale Starts Sun Nov. 18

    DJI’s Black Friday sale begins this Sunday, November 18 and will last until Tuesday, November 27. For those ready to take their first step into aerial photography or thinking to buy a new drone, this is a great time to do so with up to $100 off select DJI drones and drone accessories. DJI has also told customers that they can get additional discounts by participating in a quiz during the campaign period. For discounted prices on select drones for sale and accessories refer to our article, "DJI Black Friday Sale Starts Sunday, Nov. 18 | List of DJI Black Friday Drone Deals and Price Drops."
  14. Isabella | UAV Coach

    I am new here and would like to introduce myself!

    Hi @Matt Paul, We're excited to have you as part of our UAV Coach/Drone Pilot Ground School community. The forum is a great place to connect with other drone pilots and to ask questions. Let us know how we can be of further assistance as you prepare to take the Part 107 test! Best, Isabella
  15. Isabella | UAV Coach

    Spark now, or later?

    DJI's Black Friday sale starts on Sunday, and they will be offering $100 of the Spark Fly More Combo. We've posted details on all DJI's Black Friday deals here: "DJI Black Friday Sale Starts Sunday, Nov. 18 | List of DJI Black Friday Drone Deals and Price Drops."