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  1. This is from the Arizona State Park website: Q: Can I use my drone/plane (Quadcopter/UAV) in a state park? A: The current rule is all recreational drone use is prohibited in state parks. Commercial use will be evaluated with a Filming Permit for news, publicity, and promotional purposes. Film Permit rules require insurance and a current FAA drone registration permit. Final decision and any fees associated with access is at the discretion of park management. Access to areas beyond park boundaries (National Forest, State Trust Lands, Game & Fish and other agencies) may require additional permission and/or permits. Please consult with appropriate agency for details. As local, state and national laws and technology continue to change, ASPT will evaluate updates to current rules. Based on the above, I would not fly a drone in Red Rock State Park. You could contact the park directly and ask for a permit.
  2. It’s an annoying scenario many of us are familiar with—you’ve parked and left your car in a large lot and upon your return can’t remember what aisle you parked on, so you press the panic button on your key remote and follow the sound, creating somewhat of a spectacle and disturbance to those around you. Well, imagine that scenario a bit differently if you own a Ford. Ford has patented a drone you can launch from your car. Based on the patent, you could remotely deploy it from the trunk of your car where it will signal with sound or flashing light, allowing you to easily locate your vehicle. Pretty neat right? But that’s actually not the most important ramification of Ford’s drone patent. Ford envisions this new drone technology will be used to help located stranded vehicles and vehicles/passengers requiring emergency services. Learn more about Ford's idea for drone-deploying cars in today's post: Ford Patents a Drone You Can Launch from Your Car.
  3. @Ch38carl - That's great that you've registered for the free exhibit hall. This year, they've exceeded all past exhibitor records and have more than 200 exhibitors. It will surely be a great opportunity to learn more about a variety of UAS applications.
  4. XAG is conducting the world's largest cotton defoliation operation, 'Take Off for Harvest Time,' in Xinjiang, China. The operation involves the use of fully autonomous drones to ensure a cost-effective, eco-friendly machine harvest. One million hectares of cotton fields have already been defoliated with XAG's crop-spraying drones, and it’s estimated that this year's operation will exceed 1.3 million hectares. The operation continues to grow, showing a 200% increase compared to 2018 when XAG served approximately 0.45 million hectares. Learn more about the operation in today's post, and let us know what you think of the massive drone crop-spraying operation in the comments below.
  5. The Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) is pushing U.S. Congress and the Canadian Cabinet to take action after recent drone incidents at and around North American Airports. The Task Force released its report on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) integration, detection, identification, and mitigation in and around airports earlier this month with recommendations for a ‘shared responsibility’ approach to UAS detection. The BRTF takes the position that airports should not be burdened with undertaking this operation alone. Learn more in our article, Blue Ribbon Task Force Calls for Government Action and Trained Law Enforcement to Safeguard Airports from Unauthorized Drones. We'd like to know your thoughts on the Task Force’s recommendations for airports, the FAA, and Transport Canada in the comments below.
  6. I'm highly impressed with the new features of the Skydio 2, and pleasantly surprised by the response it received (sold out in one day). Definitely good to see some healthy competition between manufacturers in the marketplace. Our write up on Skydio 2's new features and specs, plus when a restock is expected can be found here: Skydio 2 Launches, Sells Out in a Single Day.
  7. The new Typhoon H3 is equipped with a high-end camera from Leica Camera AG, 6 rotors, and a 3-axis gimbal to get the shot you need when you need it. Checkout our overview and comparison of the Typhoon H3 with the Typhoon H Plus. Yuneec has been pretty busy lately. This is their second new drone this year. They launched the Mantis G just a month ago in September; check out our overview of the Mantis G here. Let us know what you think of Yuneec's new drones in the comments below.
  8. Our friends over at AeroVista and FLIR recently put together a good talk on drone programs in public safety in their latest podcast episode: DELTA Podcast Episode 20: Featuring AeroVista In this episode, Randall Warnas of FLIR and Brendan Stewart of AeroVista, discuss the impact drone technology is having on the public safety space. You can find FLIR at These Upcoming Events Pix4D User Conference, Oct. 1-2 DroneDeploy Conference, Oct. 16-17 Commercial UAV Expo, Oct. 28-30 Find more thermal drones and payload education and tips at
  9. AirMap is one of our go-to flight planning tools and one that we frequently recommend to our students (they are the #1 provider of LAANC after all). So, AirMap’s acquisition of Hangar Technology is pretty exciting to us. With this recent acquisition, AirMap is planning to extend Hangar's best-in-class workflow automation, high-precision flight planning, and image processing capabilities to its clients and customers. Learn more in today's article: AirMap to Expand Capabilities with Acquisition of Hangar Technology Share your thoughts on AirMap's acquisition of Hangar in the comments below.
  10. Police in Daytona Beach, Florida used a drone to bring a frightening situation to a peaceful resolution on Saturday, September 21st. Guests at the Ocean Breeze Club Hotel were ordered to evacuate when a 45-year-old New Jersey man threatened to set off a grenade in his room. Find out how the situation was resolved in today's article: Daytona Beach Police Use a Drone to Resolve Six-Hour Standoff with Man Threatening to Bomb Hotel What you think of the DBPD’s recent use of a drone to respond to a bomb threat? Sound off in the comments.
  11. The Commercial UAV Expo Americas is coming up fast, set for Oct. 28-30 in Las Vegas. Will you be there? In this article, we’re sharing 10 reasons you should attend. (Spoiler, one good reason to attend—you can meet UAV Coach staff, since we’ll be in attendance ourselves!) 10 Reasons to Attend the Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 If you know you’ll be attending the conference, let us know in the comments below!
  12. Here's a brand new event that we're pretty excited about: The Boston Drone Film Festival (#BOSDFF). The first drone film festival in Boston, MA will take place on November 15 - 16, 2019. BOSDFF is an international film festival that celebrates the creative pursuits and achievements of drone filmmakers, photographers and 360/VR creatives. Check out the festival website for more information about the prizes for The 14 Category Winners and the 10 Day All-Inclusive Grand Prize Travel Package! Brands such as Autel Robotics, Anker Power, LensProToGo, Team BlackSheep, Boris FX, Insta360 and Pelican Case are showing their support for the arts and the festival by donating their newest products as prizes for the winners. Our Grand Prize Winner will receive a 10-Day All-Inclusive Travel Adventure across the United States where they’ll have endless opportunities to capture spectacular views with their drone. The jury, judging the submissions, is composed of 16 creative minds ranging from producers, directors, writers, aerial photographers/videographers, professional drone pilots, FPV drone racers, CEO’s of two women owned and operated drone education companies, Chief of Staff at Vice Media, and many other talented industry leaders. In addition, BOSDFF has strong partnerships with influencers such as Hugh Hou from Creator Up, BotGrinder FPV, BU FPV, and many more! Last call for Submissions is October 7! SCHEDULE & TICKETS 11/15/2019 - 5pm-10pm / SCREENING + AWARDS @ Yawkey Theater WGBH ● Film Screening and Reception ● Awards and Giveaways 11/16/2019 - 10am-7pm / DRONE CAMP @ Red Sky Studios ● 3 Panel Discussions + Networking Opportunities ● 8 Workshops + 2 Demonstrations Are you interested in attending BOSDFF or submitting your work? Let us know in the comments!
  13. The Boston Drone Film Festival celebrates the creative pursuit of the best drone cinematographers and drone photographers from around the world. Filmmakers and photographers are invited to submit their work until the extended deadline, October 7, 2019. Submit your work for a chance to win the grand prize: a 10-day, all-inclusive travel adventure in the American Southwest. NOMINATION & NOTIFICATION Festival Nominees will be chosen by a Jury of leading producers, directors, drone operators, photographers and creatives. Festival Nominees will be announced on or around October 9th, 2019. The People’s Choice Award will be voted on by the online community, with the Winner announced prior to and screened at the 2019 Boston Drone Film Festival. Finalists in the 360° and Photography Categories will have their work displayed at the 2019 Screening, Events and Website. All nominated submissions will be posted at and notified by email. If nominated, exhibition format digital files will be requested from the artist. Good Luck!
  14. The Flirtey Eagle could save your life—that’s because Flirtey is using its new delivery drone to transport emergency medical supplies (AEDs specifically) in minutes to those in need. However, you don’t necessarily need to be in an emergent situation to come in contact with the Flirtey Eagle. Flirtey expects to be delivering on-demand perishables and goods to U.S. homes with its new drone delivery system as early as 2019. Learn more about Flirtey's advanced drone delivery system and their expectations for it to become the standard for drone deliveries in the U.S. - The Flirtey Eagle Could Save Your Life | Flirtey Reveals New Drone Delivery System Share your thoughts on the new drone delivery system, the Flirtey Eagle, in the comments below.
  15. @Dmitry Efremov - pasted the video in for easier viewing. Thanks for sharing!