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  1. Pop into Vivid Aerial on White's Creek pike when you have time. There are some great guys down there. I am in Murfreesboro.
  2. First we are not surveyors and make that clear up front to any of our customers. For processing like in our Highway Depts Quarry we use both nadir and oblique imagery along with ground control that is tied to a known base station. Our results are not what one would or could use in a land dispute, but are more than sufficient for estimating stockpile volumes or figuring out how much of a rock face they need to blast to produce x number of tons of material.
  3. Are you using a controller or the app on your portable device? We have found, working with other aircraft in our inventory, that working with a RC controller works best for those that fly other aircraft all the time. Also, if you are already used to the reverse effect of the nose/tail facing you, the smart function Vantage has built in will throw you off a bit.
  4. It is SOP with our organization that we keep the batteries in the vehicle and keep the vehicle running with the heat on during flight operations. Batteries stay nice and comfortable until needed and perform flawlessly.
  5. Rutherford County's waiver was modeled after CNNs. Our limits are 50' max AGL in G airspace.
  6. We are using the Trimble receivers with TerraFlex for our placed GCPs. We then use those in the imagery to rectify the imagery through Site Scan. Nothing is carried on the sUAS. Sorry if there was confusion.
  7. We have used the 19mm 640x512 XT from DJI with our M210 for several things so far. We have done training on search and rescue and have had one live mission with mixed success. The "victim" was a runaway juvenile that hid in a shed so, ultimately, the IR sensor wasn't going to pick him out. We were able to pick out every search team and other bystanders and were nearby when the "victim" got cold enough to give up and caught that with the IR sensor. We have also used it to check for illicit discharges from a geothermal system into a detention pond. The environmental conditions were such at the time that nothing was detected, but we now have a baseline to compare to when conditions are such that the system would be discharging. We are going to be working with a local water utility to see if we can do any kind of leak detection.
  8. We use Site Scan. We have been using it since July of 2018 for four months. They had a very comprehensive on-boarding process which allowed us to do real projects for our use and provide results for our customers. They are very responsive to questions and are very helpful with the use of the software. We have done a dozen projects in this time period including a rock quarry, two landfills, a high school under construction, and others. We have been able to produce not only elevation data and orthoimagery but also have been able to help plan out resource production and inventory of stockpiles. It should be noted that this does need GCPs for higher levels of accuracy. We use Trimble equipment tied to a static base station for sub centimeter accuracy of our control. Hope this helps, even though you asked six months ago!