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  1. Actually, I do shoot my own work. I Just recently wrapped up a commercial real estate shoot for a company a couple days ago. However, under Tennessee law, I can not share the photos. The location was right beside a state highway and they wanted eight shots, one for each compass point. I had to adjust two of my shots to make sure I wasn't sitting over the highway while lining up my shots. Another example, I was contracted to do an insurance shoot at a bank. They wanted it done as soon as possible, but I was able to negotiate with them to wait until a Sunday when the bank is closed and there aren't any soft targets wandering around. When I do a shoot, I always ask myself, "could I get flagged for this shot? If anything goes wrong, will someone get hurt? Will this ruin or strengthen the image of fellow pilots?". Most of the time, people don't see us flying around. They see our work. "A picture is worth a thousand words", and that holds true when we fly. Is the pilot careful, professional, and upholds 14 CFR part 107? Seeing photos directly over a busy highway with construction, and with an interstate over it is neither of them. As remote pilots in command, we are not only responsible for what we do, but for everyone that is under our UAS as we work. We are lucky not to have any UAS related fatalities yet. Doesn't mean we should tempt fate just to get a good shot.
  2. So, I saw this article posted on a local website and caught my attention. The article was well written and spot on with all the crazy road work going on, but the photos made me cringe. Everyone take a look, and tell me if i'm not the only one that is disturbed by these!