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  1. Actually, I do shoot my own work. I Just recently wrapped up a commercial real estate shoot for a company a couple days ago. However, under Tennessee law, I can not share the photos. The location was right beside a state highway and they wanted eight shots, one for each compass point. I had to adjust two of my shots to make sure I wasn't sitting over the highway while lining up my shots. Another example, I was contracted to do an insurance shoot at a bank. They wanted it done as soon as possible, but I was able to negotiate with them to wait until a Sunday when the bank is closed and there are
  2. So, I saw this article posted on a local website and caught my attention. The article was well written and spot on with all the crazy road work going on, but the photos made me cringe. Everyone take a look, and tell me if i'm not the only one that is disturbed by these!