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    Flying my UAV at 130 AGL, when I noticed small black specks. I quickly noticed it was birds so I just maintained my current speed and AGL. Fortunate to avoid a bird strike.
  2. What we UAV pilots need is an advertising campaign educating the public on drone laws. DJI were are you ?
  3. Since NYPD is going to use UAV's only in certain scenarios, I wonder about the flying skills of the pilot. I doubt that they will log as many flying hours as we, in the private sector. Additionally, Dji GEO fencing will lock out/ delay flying in certain airspace, where time is of the essence in emergencies. They should contract out aerial cinematography services, to the professionals.
  4. IMHO FAA established VLOS because they could never ascertain the flying skills of UAV pilots. That being said, why would anyone invest over $1000.00 for a sophisticated aircraft and only fly VLOS, claiming that experience as their flying skills? I propose quality flying hours beyond VLOS would have to include instrument monitor flying both during the day , sunset, sunrise, over water, mountainous terrain, urban areas and at different AGL's. We at Flodrone.com, in 2019 will launch a flying course that will test the flying abilities of FAA licensed UAV pilots. Stay tune.
  5. The report really has no wow information. The fact that DJI dominates the market, is a "no dud" reaction I will purchase a report than not only talks about :how to market drone services but include specific projects performed, fees charged, type of UAV used to perform a task , etc. Only 2 projects per month in your report can hardly sustain a business. What is needed is a project bidding system. Too much hype, short on specifics and lack of ascertaining the flying skills of a Pilot are elements that must be addressed by drone manufacturers to justify the increase in pricing of their drones and a assessment of indirect businesses such as yours, that can show how pilots can benefit from buying your services . What say You?
  6. Most UAV pilots have no experience in salesmanship. Therefore, a course or book on cold calling selling, is highly recommended. Unless you have a inside connection to an industry, salesmanship skills is the only way to increase your business. There are too many individuals in the UAV profession that claim to have these skills yet ask them if they cold call businesses and what is the closing ratio. Few , can answer this question.