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  1. Casey, what are some of the "Cheap GSP Units" that you are referring to for obtaining XYZ coordinates on GCP's?
  2. In rather lightning time, I've received an approved 14 CFR 107.41 Wide Area Airspace Authorization for Class D airspace, not yet in the LAANC system. After going through the appropriate "notifications" for a flight op, is there something I have to do with a Phantom 4 Pro to allow access and complete manual control to fly in this airspace with the Geofencing restrictions embedded in the DJI software?
  3. As a small fairly new drone service provider, I have already experienced the "I've got a friend who will do it for____", undercutting the pricing scheme I've come up with. Could it be that the larger drone service providers may actually help maintain appropriate compensation for drone pilots? Currently, it seems like a free-for-all with independent drone pilots looking for work.