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  1. I havent got mine yet, but agree that it would help alot when trying out the repaired or modified drone and making sure that everything is in working order. I haven't heard back from FAA about mine but should be anytime now. Looking forward to expanding into the real estate aerial photography and commercial inspections of roofs and smoke stacks.
  2. Hello my name is Paul Glidden. I live in New Hampshire, USA I have been flying quadcopters / drones for little over a year now and love flying them! I have been into r/c hobby for over 25 years racing 1/10 scale cars and trucks since I was a kid and always done most of my own repairs. I started a drone repair business on the side in May, because of the long wait times me and my friends were having to get their drone repaired by the company they bought it from, for the mostly non-warranty repairs. I don't have a website yet, but plan on setting up something in the next few weeks. I d