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  1. Alan - I agree that archaeology isn't the best place to start, but being completely new to this I still do not enough about the other potential markets to make an informed decision as to which is the easiest and most lucrative to start me off. Do you have any advice from your experience which areas do have the best customers to start with.... In short "Show me the money!!" Dohara - I know what you mean about flying the minis, they can be more tricky than the bigger ones. I have been doing some planned missions on the simulator but haven't done it properly on my minis, but I will be giving
  2. Thanks Alan, That is an interesting thread and also looks at the multi spectral imaging systems that I will be investing in which can be applied to both archaeology and agriculture. So do you think I should concentrate solely on these areas to start with or focus on other areas as well? Reason I ask is because I am starting at the beginning and I really need to make sure I can earn a living from aerial work, there's no "oh well, if it doesn't work never mind" for me I have to make sure it works form the start and more importantly that it earns the money to pay the bills. Thanks
  3. In answer to your question I did put together a questionnaire that I sent out to universities I had worked with to guage the potential with them for aerial work and although there was a need for it they all seemed reluctant to spend much at all for a service that is actually crucial in identifying a potential site of archaeological interest. I was surprised by their response generally, but there is a need for it despite the reluctance to pay for it, that I think is the biggest hurdle. One respondent even said they were in the process of getting and using drones, but they are not experts in the
  4. Yes that does help and makes alot of sense. I am primarily leaning towards Archaological aerial survey and agriculture. Archaeology because I have a background in this area and being a wheelchair user I am not always taken seriously about working on sites, because they perceive too many difficulties which I know can be overcome. So to me aerial archaeology gives me more freedom to work in archaeology because it doesn't necessarily mean I need to fully access a site with my wheelchair and it gives me a skill I know many mainstream archaeologists do not have. The agricultural side appeals t
  5. My biggest challenges are all interlinked and in no particular order are as follows: Funding for both my CAA licensing (PFAW) and for other equipment and software I know I am going to need in order to offer the quality of service I want to offer. At the moment I am in training for my practical part of my PFAW and it has been difficult for me to be able to get out and practice in the outdoors for numerous reasons. So I have had to resort to simulated training and mini indoor drones, but this does not help me when I can't get out to fly my commercial drone, which is bigger and of cou