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  1. Great idea! Thank you That actually brings up another question -- do drone operators usually have log books for flight dates/times/duration/etc like is standard for pilots?
  2. I contacted both managers about long term use a few minutes ago. Fortunately, I got both managers on the phone and they were unconcerned about the activity. They were friendly and neither cared to write things down - one of them didn't even want my cell phone for return calls (apparently operations have ceased). Posting this as much to inform as keeping a record of the conversation. Thanks again for bringing clarity to and confirming these regulations!
  3. Thank you all for the feedback! Based on your suggestions, I will contact the owners and attempt to establish a long term use. Since these airports are rarely used, I'm hoping the owners don't mind setting up some written statement. @Spitfire76 You mentioned that you don't fly as a hobbyist under Part 107 because of insurance through AMA? Is that the only reason? Part 107 seemed to me a lot more flexible than hobbyist.
  4. Hello everyone, I just got my first drone (!!) and I am already up to my eyeballs in these regulations. I would like to fly my drone (DJI Mavik) as a hobbyist just to get some practice and have fun. However... I happen to live within 5 miles (but further than 3) of two airports: MD95 and 2MD5. Both of them are private, untowered, no ATC, no instrument guidance, have dirt runways, and one of them is completely unattended. (I saw several other posts on the forum about this issue, but the airports appeared to be larger) Based on what I've read, it appears that I would need to contact the owner or operator of both before each flight to let them know I'm flying as a hobbyist. Does that sound right? I half expect to not get any answer if I call these places. I also wonder if they want me calling every other day when I take the drone for a spin. I am also under the impression that if I got a Part 017 Drone Certificate, that would allow me to fly without notification - since it appears to be uncontrolled space. But does that require me to be under commercial operation? Or can I fly recreational under the same rules with a certification? I am just trying to figure out the safest way to fly that, hopefully, won't require me to give two people a ring every other day I want to fly for a few minutes. Thanks!