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  1. Allright, my bad. There are two different threads - one is about National Parks, the other is about National Forests. Newbie confusion - so sorry.
  2. Hi all, I responded to this post a few days ago but for some reason my post never got posted. Last fall I requested and received permits to fly and photograph 23 campsites within the Coconino National Forest, around Sedona/ Flagstaff, AZ. I also was awarded a permit In the Cherokee National forest in Tennessee last summer. You just have to contact the ranger in charge of permitting for the park of interest, supply a flight plan, proof of insurance that additionally insures The United States of America, and provide a compelling reason for making the flight/ doing the photography. If you don't have a good enough reason, you won't get a permit. Apparently my projects were worthy of the permits. Owen ps. photos had to be drastically resized to attach...
  3. Greetings fellow pilots, first post here. I usually just read what Alan sends out and move on. Today's email included some talk about how it's impossible to fly drones in national parks. I am here to tell you that this is untrue. With proper permitting you CAN not only fly, but record video and photos too. I received permitting and commissioned flights for 23 campgrounds within the Coconino National Forest in Arizona during the fall of 2017, producing video and photographs for the campground websites. Just call the permitting contact for the National Forest and request a permit application. You will need to provide detailed flight plans, proof of insurance that includes the United States of America as "additionally insured", and a reason for flying/ filming that convinces the ranger in charge that the permit is worthy of being issued.