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  1. Your simulator training and micro quad indoor training is not going to waste. In fact, the mico UAV will be some of the hardest flying you will ever do. Build yourself some training missions for both the simulator and micro quad and then fly them as realistically as possible, including checklists, site survey and a planned approach to how you will acquire data. Also, make sure you have a good logbook and log you simulator and training quad time. When yo finally do get outside, run the same scenarios and you will find that in fact the time spend indoors was very worthwhile indeed. Den
  2. Once the pilot license is not required anymore, either after the mico-UAS ruling or 107, the market will be flooded with many small operators, much like the photography industry today. Insurance companies will have a big say in who operated commercially, but, it will come down to producing what the customer wants at a very high quality presentation. You're flying and video skills will be a key, but, also all aspects of business operations. It will be more important then ever to have connections in a niche that pays and to present yourself professionally in every respect. I think that what this course will be about. Den
  3. Brent, I made up my SOP's based on recommendations from Transport Canada. (since the FAA doesn't have any). I can send you a copy if it would help. Dennis
  4. Just looking for the embed code on -- where about is it on their site? Thanks, Den
  5. Hi Jason, Glad to see you on the forum. Once the value of droneSim Pro becomes apparent your efforts will be rewarded. Dennis
  6. As a single operator with a 333 my biggest challenge is having a Safety Observer with during flights. Also, the operational aspects of 333 monthly reporting, notams, 200ft restriction, maintenance records, insurance, flight logs, and SOP's reporting all takes a lot of time. I know things will get easier, so, it is a matter of hanging in there until it does. I still enjoy the field. Dennis