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  1. Hi All, I am an engineering teacher at Booker T Washington in Houston, TX (which is an underprivileged school). I have the opportunity to introduce drone technology. We have designed and built a F450 drone. Also, the students are good flying (dji phantom and mavic , yuneec typhoon, and parrot anafi thermal and 3d imaging). Now, we will train our students to pass the FAA part 107 test. We want to provide an intern/ co op/ job as an incentive for my students. If you know any opportunity existed in Houston, TX, please contact me. Greatly appreciated, Mr. Tran and Engineering Teacher 713-855-8843
  2. Hi Scott, We have been teaching 500 + kids how to fly a mini drone indoor (no need to be FAA compliance). Also, we implement STEAM hands on activities in the drone technology. For example, we build a drone gate out of construction paper and tape (origami engineering) and use it in the drone obstacle race and we implement a drone delivery application (ex. Amazon Air, UPS, etc) project. As for the design and build, we use the F450 quadcopter (assemble and programming). We are working with 4H to roll out the program - Intro to Drones and STEAM. Also, we are working with a makerspace company to bring the drone racing for underprivileged kids. If you are interested, please contact us at info@stemdrone.org so we can start the discussion. Best Regards, Chieu STEAM/ Drone teacher
  3. Hi, I just received an opportunity to work on a wedding drone photography and videography. At first, the suggested pricing was $1500 including 4 hours of a drone pilot and drone (mine - Phantom 3) for outside ceremony, professional aerial photos and finished video of 3-5 minutes. After the meeting, the company pays $400 for 4 hours of the drone pilot and drone with the raw/ untouched photos and videos on a flash drive and in addition $300 for professional photos and finished video of 3-5 minutes with the couple's wedding/ favorite song. Questions 1. Is the price too low? 2. What is the standard price breakdown for wedding drone photography and videography? My online research stated $500 to $3500 or $200/ hr. Thanks