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  1. Good morning Chase, how are you? Currently I am based in White Plains (NY). Canada changed its rules recently and I do not have time to go there often (and too cold as well). I am in development of my company so still in call/meet prospects. I am on my way also to buy a bigger drone, like Matrice 210 with XT2 but very expensive (and no competition to decrease current price). If you have any advices, I will take them 😉 And you on your side, do you also fly? Best Regards. Nicolas
  2. Good morning everyone, FYI, I am certified in USA (FAA – Part 107), in Canada (Transport Canada – Basic Operations. Advanced operations soon.) and in France (Basic). Also certified from Infrared Training Center- FLIR ( Infrared Thermographer Level 1 & Infrared Thermographer unmanned Aerial Platform. Imagery for house/building and Search&Rescue. More about Nicolas Reboux: Best Regards Nick