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  1. Hello, Recently FAA certified. I have been a home inspector and realtor for many years. Before that I was a Cal OSHA crane inspector ,I have been a Phantom 2 for roof inspections. I will be adding a P4 advantage and Mavic to my fleet in the near future. God willing. Now that I am certified I am moving into real estate photography and inspections of whatever there is a market for.
  2. Wow, what a great opportunity. I would very much like to attend. To gain knowledge and network with other drone enthusiasts for a couple of days would be the best way I can think of to kick start my drone endeavor. I have retired from home inspections. I am still selling homes from time to time. I got my start with drones for roof inspections. I have been a photographer most of my adult life, both amateur and professional, if I can count children portraits. Nothing has excited me as much as the creativity I can achieve with my flying tripod. I believe I have been blessed with this opportunity. I just took and passed my first FAA practice exam. I am a student of UAV coach ground school and highly recommend it for those looking to break into the drone industry. I look forward to meeting Alan and the team so I can thank them personally.