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  1. I am in the processing of contacting the FAA about an idea I think may be of interest to drone pilots. I would like to see one day a week or month whereby drone pilots would be permitted to fly missions commercially or for enjoyment in our National Parks. It is a shame that with all the drone pilots, we are prohibited from photographing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Recently I was at an event at a State Park that prohibits drones. However, they allowed a vendor in with one of the noisiest generators I have ever heard. All the excuses for not allowing drones in our National or State Parks are weak. When a drone is two or three hundred feet up, you cannot hear it and very likely unseen by man or animal. And there is very little chance of a crash into people. How do we change the laws?
  2. The FAA should do random investigation into aerial photos and videos. Companies should be mandated to be able to prove who took the pictures or footage. Without proof, they should be fined.
  3. I won a drone P3S and my life has changed. What a learning experience and a new vision of flying. Now I would like to win this contest so I can grow in my knowledge and possibly become a real professional. Currently studying for Part 107. I would like to teach drone flying: basic flying skills. I will leave the cinematography up to others.