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  1. Not similar priced, its 200$ and P3S is 700+ You have a point.... how much does a fisherman drone costs? any shops in Adelaide?
  2. Its expensive man! And will the drone corrode even if I fly it high above the sea level? Does anyone has idea on MJX B3 BUGS 3?
  3. just saw this as well: any thoughts on this?
  4. hello everyone, I am interested in drone fishing, and thats my only purpose, I am not camera savvy or into sight-seeing. Only purpose for drone is to drop the bait in the sea, so if anyone can suggest cheap drone with good range I would appreciate it. I am not interested in bait drop atm. I have already considered phantom 3 standard which has 1 KM range, if there are any drones in the market which can go the same distance I would be interested in it. I am from Australia