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  1. Ed, I've already sent you a PM, but the age of your Mac (2009) is a limiting factor. The video cards and processor on those computers don't have the capability to support the graphics requirements. We have 1000s of people using the Mac version without issue, on newer Macs. Thank you for your interest though. Jason
  2. For Halloween, we are offering no tricks, only treats. For a limited time droneSim Pro is available for 25% off the list price. See https://www.dronesimpro.com for more details. Also, ask us about our special educational pricing.
  3. I'm glad @Alan Perlman mentioned this in his email today, because I missed the thread. I'm hoping this doesn't come across as just product promotion, as one of my goals is helping the next generation of drone pilots. Something we have been working with schools (K to 12), colleges and universities and third party STEM programs on is using our simulator for either the initial training of students or as the entirety of the hands on flight part. Since we support USB game controllers, and most kids seem to have an Xbox or Playstation, they are already familiar with the controls, so they can concentrate on learning to handle the drone. A computer based solution also doesn't require all the FAA approvals to use, but does give an accurate experience. It also removes the need to find a location to fly, the worry about weather, and of course the risk of costly damage. In support of our STEM outreach, we offer a significant discount for educational use and distribution. More information on the simulator can be found at https://www.dronesimpro.com Even if you choose to go another route, I'm still happy to provide any support I can in engaging kids in how drones work and what they can do. I wanted to provide an additional option for a teaching tool.
  4. I meant to post this earlier, but in support of International Drone Day yesterday, we are offering our top ranked simulator for only $19.99 through midnight tonight. Get your copy before time runs out. Licenses include all updates for the remainder of 2016. www.dronesimpro.com
  5. On April 12th the FAA released the Final Rule on flight simulator training under Part 61. The rule allows Part 61 instrument students to log up to 10 hours in basic training devices, and up to 20 hours in advanced devices, with the combined total not to exceed 20 hours. While the regulations regarding commercial operations, Part 107, have not been finalized, the increased use of simulators in other areas has interesting implications for sUAS. Given the influx of so many commercial drone operators, wouldn't the shortest path to a certificate be a computer based drone flight simulator? Even if the only commercial sUAS operators are the ones who have, or have applied for an exemption, that is still over 10,000 individuals that would need to be evaluated and certified. FAA examiners would need to be trained and tested and then appointments would need to be made for everyone to get certified. This would be a huge bottleneck in the system. Now, if we used a computer based solution, like the droneSim Pro drone flight simulator, it would be available at testing sites around the country, or even online. Operators would not need to bring their aircraft to a testing site, would not need to worry about weather, and would not need to coordinate schedules with an examiner for an additional fee. A simulator also allows for more exact testing because we could record or monitor flight parameters and not have to guess what they actually are. A training/evaluation report would be generated and used for approval. The published Final Rule can be found here. More information about the simulator, can be found on our website (www.droneSimPro.com) Safe flying!
  6. Thanks @Mattflip, that is exactly what we are trying to do. I have a list of about 50 different scenarios we want to create to allow for specific needs. Now, we are just working on the time and money to do it. We also have plans for how to train and test pilots using a set of criteria. That will create a report at the end of a session and record how well someone does in completing tasks.
  7. Thanks. That's an interesting idea that we had not thought of. Guess I need to do some googling.
  8. I used some of Alan's recommended text and updated our home page. If anyone wants to take a look and comment, that would be very helpful.
  9. What kind of people are you looking for? i know a lot of people who are good programmers and have experience with cloud computing and are always looking for fun projects.
  10. Rylan, I'm sure you have a better handle on business plans than I did, and even what I know now, but I found the business plan builder on sba.gov extremely helpful to get started. I've deviated it from it somewhat, but the basics are still there and it helped me get past my initial writer's block. SEO can be important, but I also know that Google changes their ranking algorithms on a regular basis, so we will always be behind in what they are looking for. Keywords are a good way to get higher in the rankings, but backlinks seem to be more important. Jason
  11. That's a different perspective than we have been thinking and some good points. I'm going to have to figure out how to best incorporate that message in to our marketing. One of the things we stumbled across during our research on how to get higher search ranking mentioned that Google ranks pages with https higher than those with http. Certificates can be purchased relatively inexpensive, so the $15 might be worth it to be higher in the rankings. For people selling anything directly on their site, this is a must.
  12. Good evening. We have a different business than what I am guessing most participants have. Instead of having an aerial services company, we have a computer based drone simulator. So, our target market is really more of the operators than the customers you serve. Our website is https://www.dronesimpro.com. Our biggest problem right now is customer acquisition. Specifically customers who will download and purchase a license. There only a handful of products out there that do anything similar to what we can provide, so we think the market is pretty open. I'm excited to participate in this and work with all of you and see what Alan has in store for us. We have also come across some "tricks" that have worked for us, and I look forwarding to sharing those as the course unfolds (although, I'm sure they will probably be covered anyway). Jason
  13. Mark, If it makes you feel any better, I am just under 1.5nm inside the 30nm ring around DC. I am happy though that they changed the restricted airspace back to the original 15nm specified in the NOTAM. Of course, the weather hasn't helped with the outdoor flying, but one day I will get back out. What amazes is me is that I see a guy flying an RC plane out by Loudoun One about once a week and no one bothers him. Since it is just over 5nm from the end of the runways at Dulles, I wonder what would happen if I took one of my drones out there. Jason
  14. Right now, the simulator only supports a USB game controller. We have been working with DJI to allow us access to their remotes, but have not been able to get the necessary information from them. There is a development effort underway to support other remotes in the simulator.
  15. Those are two of the drone models we plan to release this year.