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  1. What a beautiful video man, that was very stunning keep it up man.
  2. Wow haven't seen this yet but this is totally stunning.
  3. I've been following your post man, and you never fail to amaze me. You're the real deal man Nice!
  4. Man I'm following all your post totally mesmerizing you're really good. haha
  5. That's totally amazing man, so stunning only a total pro can do this, very nice!
  6. Very great feels like something is about to go down the first time I stare at the stunning photo!
  7. Hahahaha didn't expect that thing will come out cause of thread title, nice!
  8. Very mesmerizing photo, very great totally good. You're a total pro man, man so good!
  9. Wow that's nice, very great image you got there man!
  10. Nice I'm still a beginner and this helps a lot cause I'm still gathering a lot of information about drones.
  11. Can you show us the footage of this drone? but thanks for this though Cause I'm Actually a fan of Xiaomi
  12. How about the GPS tracker does it already have a built-in in it?