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  1. I am a part-time commercial drone pilot but would love to have a drone to travel with. I would take aerial photos and video of natural wonders from around the world. My father no longer travels much and this way I could bring the world to him. Thank you for the opportunity!
  2. I've brought the need to incorporate unmanned vehicles to the company I work for. While the company has not incorporated this line of work yet, I still believe this is the direction we should be going. In becoming aware of the potential in this exciting industry, I've realized that I really enjoy flying drones. I am building my flight time hours. Now that I've had the formal training (Part 107 and TOP Level 1), I'm more aware than ever that the general public and law enforcement are unaware of the FAA regulations. I would like to become more involved in public outreach. In looking to my own future, I would love to have my own drone pilot/training business. As a woman in engineering, I am excited to see more women joining in the fun. I would love to put more time and effort into creating my business to allow me to share that knowledge with young women. The sky's the limit....or 400' if you're flying! Thank you for your time and consideration!
  3. I am very interested in the new track this year on Drone Tech User Track. I earned my Part 107 license (on my own time and money). I would like to bring drone work into the company I work for, SimVentions. We are a company of Systems Engineers and Software Engineers. We're in the catch 22 situation of needing the skills to get work, but need the work to develop the skills. The AUVSI Xponential would be a great opportunity to partner with other businesses already in the field. I'm also very interested in the Women and Diversity in Robotics Special Event. Being a woman in the systems engineering field can be challenging and I would love to hear others perspectives. Thank you for your time and consideration in selecting me for a free pass to the AUVSI Xponential 2019! Teri Bailey, Senior Systems Engineer; SimVentions
  4. I have my Remote Pilot in Command and took the Dart Drones Hands On Flight Training and was very impressed with the quality of instruction. There are two reasons I would like to attend. One is to continue moving the company I work for into Drone-related projects. The other, and really more important to me, is to start my own business assisting search and rescue efforts. Thank you for the opportunity! Teri