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  1. Cyclops- Thanks for your input. No contact with anyone at Flight Standards Office yet. FYI to anyone following this, apparently an individual named Robert Blair is doing a pre-conference class called Spray Drones in Agriculture at InterDrone in Las Vegas Tuesday September 4th at 11:00. He is to be covering rules/regulations as well as challenges facing this use of drones.
  2. Thanks for the reply Ed. You are spot on, the information I was directed to is from Rupprecht Law. If they are correct in their information, the legal barriers to entry into such a business are not as high or difficult as I thought they might be. The financial barriers to entry may be another matter.
  3. Thanks for your reply Av8Chuck. Very familiar with herbicide application rules and regulations. Ranching/farming background and business, MS in Animal and Range Sciences, commercial herbicide applicator business covering 2 states. Also have remote pilot certificate that we utilize in crop scouting, weather damage, etc. Seems to not be a great amount of solid information out there on the spraying with UAVs. I had a response from a law firm and university professor on a closed FB group say that the only requirements were a Part 107 waiver for the 55 lb weight rule (obviously would requi
  4. Can someone point me to the FAA laws or rules regulating the use of UAVs to spray herbicide on crops and pasture land in the USA? What is required? What is allowed? Apologies if this subject has been covered here before. I am having difficulty in finding much information.