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  1. Hey Jay . . . Thanks so much for your email and your advice. I am evaluating a number of learning programs to see what best fits my learning style. I'll let you know how I make out. I appreciate your welcome. Frank
  2. Hi Chuck . . . Your thoughts were most appreciated. Professional photography is loaded with 15 year old pinheads that don't necessarily steal your images but they undermine your pricing. I find today that couples choose their photographers based on price first and quality later. Then there is Uncle Joe that has a "really good camera" and can shoot the wedding! Who needs a professional? The low end of the market is very hard to compete with, and, as a professional, something that I really have no desire to do. Yes, those "guys with cameras" are busy every weekend, but sooner or later t
  3. Thanks for the information and the welcome to UAV Coach, Alan. (Frank)
  4. Hello Everyone . . . I am a professional photographer ( and just breaking into the world of aerial photography. I intend to use my Mavic Pro Platinum to shoot cinema films for weddings and to shoot real estate listings. I do need to get my FAA Part 107 pilots license . . . any thoughts on a good process to get ready for that? I see there are a ton of educational programs out there; any thoughts on your experience with these programs? Has anyone just watched the videos online and passed the test without taking one of the educational programs. I would appreciate your feedbac