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  1. Having the opportunity to attend Interdrone would be highly beneficial for my wife and I and our startup company. We started an aerial inspection and photography company, and we currently fly the Matrice 210RTK equipped with the X4S, X5S, Z30, and XT2 sensors. I am currently an sUAS certified Thermographer as well. We live in an area where sUAS use is minimal, but has the possibility to have a huge impact on local industries. Interdrone will provide a much needed insight and guidance into the best applications and uses that will be beneficial to both local individuals, and our company. Being able to attend Interdrone will hep our company to highlight and apply some of the latest techniques, and information to the general public to help support the use of sUAS's. We would also be taking plenty of photos and video of the event and would highlight both UAV Coach, and Interdrone on all of our social media. If chosen, we would take the opportunity to further our knowledge by attending as many seminars as possible, not just the exhibition floor. We look forward to this opportunity, and thank you for the consideration. Brad & Amanda Allwine from the PNW