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  1. At the last minute, I went to the store to purchase the Mini, but they were closing and said come back tomorrow. My flight to Spain was in the morning Mini. I have a Pro2 but it's too big with the case I have to take it on long trips for traveling. I really think the Mini is ideal for global travels and for my next trip, coming up soon, I want to pack a Mini in my suitcase for my travels to augment my other camera gear.
  2. As a private pilot I understand the importance of ongoing education. As a drone pilot I bring a sense of responsibility and professionalism to my drone piloting. As a photographer, piloting a drone affords me the ability to reach camera angles I have long-sought after. Sharing my knowledge, skills and experience with others is a passion, and by attending the conference I will get/keep current on FAA laws, technology and techniques and be ever better at all aspects of being a drone pilot.