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  1. For me attending this event would help me to gain further knowledge in this developing industry. InterDrone is going to be such an exciting place to be that I want to be part of it. I am currently attaining my Architecture degree and started researching UAV's knowing that this will soon be a norm in the Architectural field for site visits, inspections and other safety and helpful scenarios. I have also been following LAANC and other resources for information provided by your site for the last year. Presently I am doing a lot of reading and gaining knowledge of the drones that are out and which are best for what, when and where. This show has to be the place to be and mingle and gain a hands on experience with those in the forefront of designing these UAV's. Looking to start my own part time freelance services in the inspection services as well as aerial photography. I hope to venture out into the wild and fly a drone in natures pristine environments to capture footage of unseen worlds and living things. I'm looking to be in this exciting industry which is going to be a big part of the future just like the Hanna Barbera cartoon "The Jetsons". I hope to be here on this planet when this industry figures out how we will be mobilizing humans on these types of crafts. As for the design side of things, it would be my pleasure to design a custom drone to deliver drinks to patrons on at the next InterDrone conference. Maybe I can be like these guys with hands on drone critique and design suggestions. Haha Best of luck to all 708 Design Services LLC COMING SOON.