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  1. Does it matter if you let your certification expire before you take the recurrence test? I'm needing to take mine again but the testing center isnt open yet.
  2. Question, a local airport (Richland Airport) has a page where the addresses commercial UAS operation: https://portofbenton.com/transportation/airports/uas/#1503460800587-c1011c32-5fbb Here's what the site says for commercial operation, but makes no mention of Part 107 only refers to COA? (I have a 107, but still very new) COMMERCIAL OPERATION If you are flying your Drone via a temporary FAA-authorized COA, as a Commercial Operation, you must: Notify the Port of Benton that you are in the vicinity before operations begin to be advised of any local airport or air traf
  3. Thank you everyone! LAANC via Airmap didn't require a number. Waivers and such I was advised by the UAS FAA Help email to " Use the word "pending" for your Airmen Certificate number." I unregistered and re-registered my drone easily with the DroneZone (no 107# was needed). THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!!!
  4. Thank you! I'm a Marketing Director for a Real Estate company. I also do videography, so it's mostly going to be for Real Estate, Developments, Commercial and Land Listing promotion.
  5. Got my part 107 Temp Certificate. There's no number, only says "Certificate No Pending" in the top corner. ? Question: 1) Does my number come on the Permanent card only? 2) Can I apply for local LAANCE permissions with my temp, or am I stuck waiting for that number? 3.) I have a drone registered under Hobbiest, do I un-register and re-register in the Part 107 DroneZone? Or can I transfer it somehow. 4.) Do I need to wait for that number to register in DroneZone too? TYIA
  6. There's a DJI Photo Academy coming to town next month. I'm wondering if anyone has been and their thoughts. I'm already certified part 107, but still feel like I could benefit from some of the business parts. Any thoughts? Worth it? Cost is about $175 to go. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dji-aerial-photo-academy-spokane-wa-registration-48454849760
  7. ❤️ Awesome. I'm a mom of two girls just in that range. Just got 107 certified and my girls are all about drones recently! Will pick this up!
  8. Passed with a 93% in the first try with about 1.5weeks of hard core study with Drone Pilot Ground School (Thanks ALAN!) ...just applied to get my certificate. Limited flying experience, so that's where I'm starting next. Practice Practice!