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  1. i guess, this being the first month or close the those who are 2 years expired will find out about it. I'm thinking that you don't have to register again on IACRA but do submit your test results. another application for the new license, since i do think you need to replace the old one. let us know, I'm not due until 2020 but would be good to know. thanks!
  2. about a week or so, will take for you to see your license number under the IACRA website, then will take about two weeks for you to get the actual license id. i think you just need to edit your drone under the registration, if not just remove it and added again now that you are Part 107 licensed.
  3. Located at El Paso Tx, own a DJI Spark, and licensed on Part 107. if that could help, i would like to help if needed. :) good morning!